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Thread: P-Ville report

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    Default P-Ville report

    Gunther and I rode out by Peters ville late yesterday. There was about 12-18 inches of snow in most of the areas we rode. Enough to get off the trails on the creeks and marshes but not what I would really call boondocking. We didn't head way back in though, reached the parking lot around 3pm so we mostly ran the trails near the road. LOTS of open areas on the creeks and more than a few spots with light to medium overflow in the marshes, keep your eyes open! Nearly full moon and partly clear skies helped to make our evening ride beautiful, definitely worth the drive out from Palmer.
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    Thanks for the report!!

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    Rode P-ville yesterday (4 Dec). Parked near Gate Creek Cabins and played in the swamps near there and up towards the Reflector Tree. Carving snow nice throughout with somewhat of a base 2-3ft deep. Great first ride!

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    We rode P-ville yesterday. Parked just past Gate Creek Cabins and rode up the road, through some swamps, stopped briefly at the Forks Roadhouse, and then rode up into the foothills of the mountains. The snow got progressively deeper as we got into the higher ground. We easily had 4 feet up in the hills. Maybe deeper. The base was good but also pretty powdery on top. Made for some fun play time. It was a fun ride. Wish the sun had come got nearly impossible to see terrain features after about 2pm due to flat light conditions. It was still fun.
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    Default 12/12/09

    Rode Petersville for the first time, never made it past Cantwell before and wow. I'm officially spoiled, not sure how I ever made it on these -20 rides before. Stayed at Gate Creek Cabins, awesome folks and great accomodations. Craig made sure we were pointed in the right direction. Friday we rode to Forks roadhouse and hit up some meadows. On saturday we went to the reflector tree and headed east, never went more than a couple miles and had untouched powder in the swamps, absolutely beautiful. The snow had settled but was still waist deep in spots. Will be back in Jan., ride on!!


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