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Thread: T.A.G. Bag review

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    Default T.A.G. Bag review

    I used the T.A.G. Bags the other day on a moose hunt. They are spendy, 65 - 75 dollars for six bags that are 28"X60".

    They are awesome. Lightweight, strong, complete drawstring. And cleanup was easy. Put them in a pail, add water, churn a minute and all the blood washed right out.

    I hand washed them with Tide, rinsed them, and hung them in the garage. Two hours later I folded them and unlike a sleeping bag, they all fit back into the original package with no trouble.

    The best thing was these bags were borrowed from a friend, so it was like a field test. I will buy these bags. I will buy these bags. I will buy these bags. I am not real impressed too easily, the last product that I raved about was the ThermaCell. These T.A.G. Bags are the best game bags on the market!

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    I agree that the TAG bags are awesome. Used them for moose and caribou. As a side note they vacuum pack really well. I vac packed them and they fit without issue back into the original bag, and will be clean when I need them next.


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