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    Morning all, I am heading down for a Halibut Charter this weekend that goes out on Sunday from the Deep Creek State Rec area. I am driving down Saturday and wanted to go beat the water as close to Deep Creek as possible. With gas prices being what they are and my F-150 not being the most gas effecient monster on the road i would like to stay close to Deep Creek. Any recommendations? Tossing around going down to Homer to try the Lagoon but again thats another 30 miles, would Kasilof be closer? or can i fish at Deep Creek? Any help is appreciated.

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    Angry Deep Creek

    You could try the Creekside Inn its a short walk to the creek, the creek is running brown right now due to our late spring. Hoping it will clear up before this week end.

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    Default Deep Creek

    YOu could just camp out in your truck? Or fish Deep creek all saturday night (which is a blast!) Then head out to your charter on sunday. Deep creek will be open for kings this weekend, should be good, good tide sequences. ALso Kasilof has been slow, but should be picking up although will be crowed (its north of Deep Creek). Homer lagoon is kind of a circus, especially if you dont like the monotony of casting over & over in a crowed "pool" type... But it could be productive... Whatever you do, just have fun,stay safe and enjoy it! Should be a great weekend!
    Good luck!

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    Default Ninilchik

    Just a thought here , why not fish the ninilchik river?

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    Thanks for the replies guys/gals sounds like i might just stay around Deep Creek there and camp out in my truck

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    Since you bascially drive by the Kasilof on your way I would return earlier and fish it for awhile. It usually does not peak for another 10 days but there will still be kings in there.


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