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The Federal Subsistence Board ruled yesterday that Kodiak will keep its rural designation. This allows Kodiak residents the right to continue hunting and fishing with a subsistence priority on federal public lands. A huge portion of the Kodiak archipelago is federal.

The Kodiak Daily Mirror reported on the story:

In a unanimous decision, the Federal Subsistence Board ruled this morning that Kodiak city and the surrounding road system will maintain rural status for subsistence hunting and fishing purposes.

The decision means the subsistence rights of the roughly 13,000 people who live on the road system will be protected by the federal government.

The subsistence board met over two days, Tuesday and today, at the Egan Convention Center in Anchorage.

“Every board member spoke (during deliberations this morning) and they all concluded that Kodiak should remain rural,” board spokeswoman Maureen Clark said.

Gary Edwards, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service representative on the board, said during deliberations that Kodiak, given its economy, might be more rural today than it was 15 years ago when the board made its initial determination.

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