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    Hello folks,
    Funny how many times we've driven past the Hope turnoff but never have visited the place! What kind of fishing opportunities are there in hope during July? I heard of a place to hike to called Twin Lakes, are there fish to be caught? Would like spend a day or so in Hope, so we're open to ideas for things to do.

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    Default Hope Heaven...

    There are not many spots in Alaska where you can idle through the main street of an authentic mining community in about a minute. This community offers park and fish opportunity right at the end of the street. The views are staggering, the fishing (pinks) easy, and there is plenty of room to walk and investigate all the way down to the mouth of Resurrection Creek where it dumps into Turnagin Arm.

    This spot is one of my favorite areas to stage a mid-day fishery and picnic. Outside of the town there is powerful drive up into the foothills of the adjacent mountains that will leave you breathless. Hope is an absolute charmer.

    By all means, take the turn your next time out...

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    I take my daughters to Hope every year for the pink run. Lets of fish and easy to catch. Week ends tend to be a little crowded and there are some that need a lesson in manners but week days are better. Usually the second half of July is better for the pinks. There are some great trails.


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