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Thread: Looking For Good Ice Fishing Spot

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    Default Looking For Good Ice Fishing Spot

    After a long time away from fishing because of life, a couple great friends and I are trying to get away this Sunday for some ice fishing. Through ice is better than no fishing. We have a basic knowledge of ice fishing (have a sled/shelter, power auger, etc). Looking for a great experience for our reunion.

    Please, does anyone have any places within 1-2 hours from Anchorage which would give a memorable day of fishing? Thanks folks.

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    um... Wasilla...


    Finger Lake is supposed to have good rainbow fishing through the ice. Fire lake has some pike. I've never fished through the ice on either of these but I have done 'em sucessfully from a float tube. Good luck.
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    Seymore Lake, it is Herning Lake on some old maps. Can't beat the rainbows there. Mile 49 of the Parks and then to the northwest.

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    Default any of the meadow lakes! Or lake Lucile

    Try lake lucile ( spelling?) In wasilla on your left if your heading north. From 9 am to 12 pm seems to be a good time slot after 12 ish it can die fast. Bring shrimp where ever you go anly use a little per hook. Caught a 25 inch rainbow over thanksgiving.

    Good luck

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    Default Thanks

    Thanks to those who posted to give me suggestions.

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    Default Matanuska Lake!

    Give Matanuska lake a try right next to Palmer.


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