I frankly don't remember mentioning this sauce here, but I got a request from a member to post the recipe for him to use on some PWS shrimp he has in his freezer. Here it is, below. I found this sauce while enroute to my Salmon with Saffron-Habanero-Lime Butter Sauce recipe that I posted last night here. It became a separate recipe only because the final butter sauce is distinctly different that that one, and hereabouts has different dishes that we use it on.

I'm thankful to my wife for the open mind the created our main present use of this butter sauce: We have a very hot (habanero-based) marinade we make, and soak shrimp in it for only 8-12 minutes for normal people and an hour for a certain unnamed forum member here that truly likes it HOT. I then skewer the shrimp and put them on my thick grate BBQ which is preheated to 450-500 F for about 2 minutes per side on direct heat, getting some good burn marks on them. Baste them with the marinade so they don't dry and don't overcook; just barely done is best.

One day I brought out the the saffron sauce to use on this shrimp dish and my wife said she wanted to try some of my Habanero Blanc sauce that I had in the fridge. I told her that lotsa habanero on top of a dish that had lotsa habanero violated some pretty basic rules of cooking, and she said fine she's doing so anyway. And it works better than my saffron sauce that I was using for this shrimp dish. I was wrong and my wife was right. (Please don't tell her I said this; no, she doesn't read this forum.)

Do the Saffron sauce recipe I posted, except make these few changes:
- Omit the saffron.
- Increase the habanero by 50%.
- Increase the lime juice, since you're adding that until it balances the volume setting of the hot, by taste.

Same exact procedure and options as the first recipe (advanced method, or not; the latter of which MUST be done if you're making a batch to save).

That's it. Enjoy.