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Thread: Wanting to deer hunt on Kodiak, but don't know.....

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    Default Wanting to deer hunt on Kodiak, but don't know.....

    I have always wanted to head down south and tramp around the island of Kodiak after deer. I had a few questions on wheres the best place on the island to go? Is it better to do a drop off, or stay in a lodge somewhere? Part of my decision making is due to the fact my girlfriend's brother-n-law is in a wheelchair, and would like to get him out there on some deer. I know the best way for him is to beach hunt, so do you have to wait til the snow pushes them down, and how well do if any outfitters cater to the handicap? Would like to do a deer fox combo thing if at all possible. I also think we'd take the ferry down to save on cost of airlines and getting everything back home. Any ideas let alone leads would be welcome. Also he isn't your normal guy in a chair, as I'm still trying to figure out how to get him a Dall Sheep, but I think I got that covered.


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    Four of us on the ferry with a 20 foot van was 1050.00 round trip. It was handy to have the van around town while waiting to fly out, but the ferry is a long trip. 12-14 hours one way from Homer depending on stops and weather.
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    Default Transportation

    I think if you look at overall cost, you might find that it is alot easier to ship your gear via Air Cargo and Fly.
    4 two people you should be able to do a round trip to Kodiak for under 1000, even if you purchase your tickets. Just watch for a deal.

    4 your brother-in-law, I would consider hunting down on the South side of the island. I bet Kodiak Combos, would have some answers for you.

    I would also consider a late season hunt (Nov) where you could fly a Zodiac and motor to use for hunting off the beach.
    If you don't have one, I would be willing to let you use mine, providing you are willing to take the responsibility of returning it in the same condition you recieved it. i.e. cover the reapir cost of any damage.



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