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Thread: Cold weather cronographing

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    Default Cold weather cronographing

    Has any one done any chronographing at 40 , 50 , 60, 70 below F........Have any powders proven to be the best in the 22-250 or 7 mags on up >>>>>>> what about h110 or 296 for hand gun ammo ????? Thanks for any info ....

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    Default Cold Clockin'

    I have run my Oehler M35p at -39F but had to leave the main body of it in the truck to keep it warm (the screens are connected with 20 feet of cable). The printer will stop working at -20F after a few minutes.

    But you probably want to know about powders at extreme cold.

    I shot loads from a 30-06, 338, 375, 45-70 and 454 Casull on this crisp winter day at -39F.

    Powders involved were, H4350, RL-19, RL-7 and H110.

    30-06 and 375H&H were with H4350 and were 20-25 fps slower than at +50F but were consistant. (Fed 210M and 215M)

    338 WM with RL-19 was almost 50 fps slower than at +70 F, but were also consistant. (CCI-250)

    The 45-70 was with RL-7 and there was only about 10 fps difference from the summer temp. (Rem 91/2 primers)

    454 with H110 was 220 fps (actually from 100-220 fps) slower than the same load at +70F. The 454 was hanging so badly I could hear the hammer fall before the boom. Velocity was very erratic and powder mostly did not burn. I had loads with the Remington #71/2 primer and with CCI-450 sr magnums. No difference. I think H110 is temperature sensitive. (W-296 is the same powder).

    Fun experiment, I'll try some more this winter if it ever gets cold here in Fairbanks.
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    Living in mild SC, I haven't done much shooting sub zero temps. I have fired some H110 pistol loads around 0 or -10, and velocities definately dropped in the 480. I wouldn't be suprised to get the hangfires that Murphy mentioned at lower temps.

    The biggest problem I had is the shooting chrony doesn't work well with a sun low to the horizon, which is exactly what we have in the winter. I fixed the chrony with an errant gas check


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