With the ice thickening and the schools of fish tapering off, we decided to pull ourice nets for winter. Got up a great haul for dog feed and trade fish, so it was quite profitable for the work, while it lasted.
Built a small cubby with ice and left a fish there with a double leghold set, that worked out nice on the first night.
Sent the oldest daughter and the oldest son help'd and they found a Kill'd Cherry red in the set. Someone had stood on its chest and killed it not very long before they arrived as it was warm and slid it into the cubby, as Ravens will eat a left out dead fox to smithereens in minutes, and ruin the fur in seconds, pecking them apart.

Older folks will do this, as a fox will chew a frozen foot off and excape, get eaten by Wolves or Wolverine, or finnished off by Ravens.....but taking any out of the traps is a big No - No.
No bullet holes, she didnt need to shoot
If theres no cubby an older guy would have curled it up as if sleeping or buried it in snow to fool Ravens too.
I use a 'Y' stick and choke 'em, but the daughter is stedfast about just shooting them.

He skinned out nicely, no holes, no rips, and peel'd quickly when warm and a Daughter pulling a bit.