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Thread: DNR/APHA Guide Concession Opposition

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    Default DNR/APHA Guide Concession Opposition

    Please send us your e-mail and opinions:
    Show up at the meetings!! We are planning an after-meeting in Anchorage @ Long Branch.. Who will be there?? Everyone needs to stick together on this otherwise we all lose..

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    The APHA does NOT speak for the Alaska Guide Community! We cant bow down for out of state special interests folks.. We cant.. Otherwise it's all for not..

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    We cant bow down to special interest..
    I know the public, especially in Anchorage, doesn’t have a fond liking to guides but in truth the ‘resident’ guides believe sternly in protecting Alaska’s wildlife because if they don’t they are out of work and the consequences are devastating for everyone. Guides spend years working in camps just to TEST to be a registered guide for a unit. They work their butts off, study, and learn a trade that is extremely difficult. The guides I know are extremely professional, believe in upholding the responsibility that their livelihood entails, and simply survive to keep traditionalism intact. If we take away the ‘true’ Alaskan guide then we take away everything that is honorable from the professional Alaskan hunt.

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    We all need to get behind this. It is simply not right to work years trying to develop a good reputation and quality hunts, only to be legislated into the welfare ranks

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    Default Concession areas

    Please try to download the map for SC - working on getting it small enough for most computers to download.. Looks like most areas will have 2-3 concessions, rare few have 4 and many only have one.. Good luck folks!!
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