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Thread: Where do I go?

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    Default Where do I go?

    I have been pounding the pages of this forum, searching past posts and I cannot come up with a practical or definite answer from anyone where the best drop camp Caribou hunt would be.

    So I am asking for your best advise in directing me to the best area I can go to have a quality opportunity of getting a somewhat trophy sized bull.

    Places I have narrowed done and feel somewhat good about are:

    1- Bettles
    2. Dillingham
    3. Kotzebue

    Thanks in advance to all


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    Steve - Well, of course you can't find a definite answer - no such thing exists! The conventional wisdom over the past few years has been that the WACH has been the herd to hunt due to numbers and trophy potential. That being said, they are starting to experience crowding issues out of Kotzebue. From what I've read from others on here, you can still have a great experience out of Kotz if you hook up with a good transporter, but Bettles might be an even better option (though perhaps slightly more expensive?).

    As for Dillingham, the caribou out of there have been in decline for a few years, but there are still plenty of nice animals taken every year.

    You really just have to take all of the info available and formulate your own opinion and plan. There is no perfect answer or guaranteed plan for getting into large #s of big bulls. That's part of what makes hunting so great!

    Good luck to you!


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    I'd go with the biggest herd more bous= more chance one is big
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