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    Question Sumo Jigs

    Any one ever use Sumo Jigs for bottom fish, halibut? My neighbor who doesn't fish gave me several he got in a auction deal where you bid on a sealed box. If you win you get to open it and see what you bought. At any rate they are 4 and 6 inches long with a chrome finish on 3 sides and a glow in the dark panel on the remaining side. I've seen them in stores but have never heard first hand how they work.

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    they work like most other jigs do for halibut and lings.... great

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    Default I've Used Them

    First thing - take the treble hooks off. If you get into an area with small fish you will have a heck of a time releasing them if you get two points into their mouths. I don't have mine handy but I think mine are either 16 or 20 ounces. I put a j-hook on with a white glow skirt wired on above the eye the split ring is attached to. The skirt gives it just a tad more action. I like to use them when I am drift-prospecting across a new area. Good luck!

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    Thanks a lot, JKD. That's the kind of info I'm looking for. I've only used jigs a couple times with poor results. Of all the things a person could know about jigging...I don't know almost all of them. Being an eternal optimist, I guess this means there's plenty to look forward to.

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    For sure use a single hook. I had some jigs that worked great last year but the treble hooks sucked. It forever to get a fish off.


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