A few months ago we had a post about blue bears that I just wanted to follow up on.

I have seen two blue bears in all of my travels in Alaska over 25 years. The first blue was back in about 1982 in the Resurrection River drainage north of Seward. This bear was in Exit Glacier Park and was off limits to hunting. The second was a blue that I seen on a fishing trip not far from Valdez.

An outfitter friend of mine showed me a picture a few years back of a large boar blue that was harvested on a spring hunt somewhere in the South-East that had white/silver hair starting about the back of the front elbows and going across the back and down to the other elbow on the other front leg. The bear had the markings similar to a cross-fox, but looked more like a panda bear in coloration. What a beautiful bear and as big as an interior grizzly. I have always wanted to harvest a blue bear, but they are truly a rare occurrence and a beautiful animal.

I would like to know if anyone on this site has taken a blue colored black bear or an odd coloration brown/grizzly for that matter. I have heard that some of ABC islands brown/grizzly get a blueish hue to their coat on occasion. Would love to see some pictures and have you tell your stories.

Thanks in advance......Bigmnt