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Thread: game consumption

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    Smile game consumption

    I am trying to get some ideas on whats reasonable to eat in a year. After experimenting over the years I have found that one smaller animal like a caribou or sheep is plenty for my small family for a year (wife and 2 kids under 5). With salmon and halibut also, we have plenty of meat for a year and I have never purchased chicken or meat from the store. I am hoping when the kids get older they will eat more and I can hunt more!! A full sized moose is impossible and takes at least two years to eat. On the flip side I talked to a guy with four teenaged boys and he claims they can demolish an entire moose in a year. So how much game do your families eat in a year?
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    Default family of 6-8 depending on year

    we average two moose a year and a bear or two and often at least one caribou.. i will typically be nearly out of meat by May, with only some ground meat left.

    our kids come and go between parents some times so we can slow down ever so often..

    we purchase very little store meat aside from the specialty stuff. .. when my girls were young they started to "develop" early and we took all commercial meat out of the diet to slow it down.
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    We go through about a caribou and a half per year between my wife and I. We gladly take more than that if possible, though, as some years are leaner than others with regards to what we're able to harvest. We took two caribou this year, though one was quite small. We were able to share some meat with some friends who were unable to get one of their own, and we have enough that if we don't get anything next year we'll be OK if we cut back on our consumption. As it is now, though, we eat wild game about 3-4 times per week and fish 1-2 times per week. Like your family, we don't buy meat from the store except on very rare occasions. It's good to live in Alaska.
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    same family size as you of 4, 2 small kids...and we must be pigs compared to your family

    one moose, 50+ salmon...always gone by summer time...we do buy chicken on occasion...

    our dinner planning goes something like this..."Hey honey, what do you want for dinner? Moose or fish?"
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    Default Family of five

    with two teenagers included-- we consume a 60 plus inch moose, two bull bou, 35 copper river reds, a black bear, a few thousand PWS shrimp, 1200 razor clams, five kings, a few silvers, and a hundred or so pounds of halibut, a few grouse, geese, ptarmigan, and ducks per year. All domestic wildlife is safe from my family!

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    Default good eats

    Just my wife and I take about 2 years to eat a moose. We also eat a lot of salmon and halibut. For birds we eat about 30-40 ducks and a bunch of grouse each year. My goal is to have the freezer full by mid november and have room come summer fishing season.

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    Here's a useful gauge for you:

    When out two daughters left home, our food budget dropped by 2/3. Either of them ate as much as my wife and I did together.

    I'd figure on tripling your current food budget-whether store or field- once your kids are teens.

    I'm not kidding! We used to need three freezers and now we're down to one. Another way to measure the same thing.

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    Default 2 teenagers = 2 freezers

    1/2 to 2/3 moose
    1 bou
    3-4 blacktails
    20-30 pounds of donated white tail, mule, elk and bison (good friends)
    100+ lbs halibut
    20-30 varios salmon cooked and smoked

    18 years with the same gal, and she has only had to buy beef once!

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    Just the wife and I now, but when our three kids were with us we went through 2 moose, a few beaver, occasional black bear, a bunch of snared rabbits when they were on high cycle, fish most every day in summer, some canned fish in winter, and when caribou were around at least a couple caribou.

    Keep in mind 99% of our protein came from out here. And we're typically working outside in winter doing chores, trapline etc.

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    My wife and I will eat half a moose and either a sheep or couple of blacktail a year depending on what we have. We also usually go through about 25 sockeye and a few dozen ptarmigan as well. We buy some king crab, scallops, and prawns locally, but otherwise do not buy meat except for maybe some pork, turkey, or chicken once a month or so to mix up the diet a little.

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    I have a family of 5 two adults twin 9 year olds and a 17 years old if Im kucky and get a moose its gone in less than year. At least one bear in there also and some salmon

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    We bulk order basics for breads and noodles,rice, salt, coffee, tea suger, some canned vegtables and some mixes to keep up the variety.

    For quite a few years now, we eat about a Caribou a week with 16 of us , here today. Drops to 10 sometimes, up to 18 at other time.
    + a Musk Ox or two, maby a Moose, 3-5 Bearded Seals for dryed meat and oil, 5-10 Ring Seals for the same, just depends on where on of our sons may be, A spring Bear, of either type, dozens of Geese, dozens of Ducks, A summers worth of Salmon and trout , a spring and Falls worth of White fish, and the net were running now is getting Sheefish , Whitefish and Tiktallik.
    Rabbits and ptarmigan with Sheefish inthe spring.

    I would venture to say that we trade/give away 1/2 our catch, but its returns are better than $$
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    Default 3 of us...

    figure we need a moose every year and a half, throw in a goat and we are good for 2 years. a bear once in a while...
    if no moose, we need 3-4 deer or a caribou and something else... couple deer or a bear or goat.
    we take 18-20 PU salmon, 8-12 feeder kings that get shared and eaten fresh.
    50-60 tanner crab shared and eaten(since it got opened).
    120 razor clams (a case of pints) canned in the spring, 3-5 gallons of steamers eaten and shared over the summer.
    #75 of various fish, halibut, rockfish,greenling, p-cod.
    we buy 10-12 lbs of scallops off the boat, and we eat 30-50 dozen oysters.
    PWS shrimp once in a while, not more than #10 bought fresh.
    rabbits when they're here, a few grouse off our land, 4-6 at most.
    we usually raise either a dozen chickens or a few turkeys in alternating years.
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    Never kept track, but never run out either. I have never had a problem finding someone to share it with, especially when offered in wrapping paper.
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    Default For 2 people

    We'll eat a moose per year, or a combination of 3 to 4 smaller animals like caribou, bear, sheep, etc. I usually figure 250-300lbs of boned-out meat per year, not including 30-40 reds and 50+ducks. We eat red meat almost every day of the week.

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    Usually 3-4 people, but have family over for dinner quite a bit. Go through one moose a year, usually just some ground meat and sausage left before next moose season. Eat wild game nearly every night be it moose, wild hog, salmon, 'bou, etc. Also give away a bit of meat too family and friends also. My first moose gave nearly all of it away (native tradition I suppose...). Were also given a bit of game/fish too. In other words, were never out of meat at our house. Rarely buy store meat, except for special occasions.

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    Default Just for myself

    Full-time bachelor: One of the smaller big game animals will set me up freezer-wise for the year. I don't need to dip net, so I don't; I just try to catch enough salmon, preferably on a fly, and halibut to put some in the freezer. A moose would be basically out of the question for me. I went for one last year in the Ship Creek registration area (any bull) after coming up empty-handed on previous hunting ventures that fall, but I was resolved to get as small a bull I could, and even that, I would have split with at least one other couple and given a bunch away.

    I've also got to mention fresh catch throughout the year: ducks, grouse, hare, ptarmigan, trout and other fish that don't hit the freezer but help to keep things from coming out of it. With that, I basically never buy meat at the store, but I do eat on the town a fair amount (full-time bachelor ).

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    Default mostly fish for us

    Just my wife and I, we eat fish all summer , two meal a day most of the time. The rest of the year we eat 100-120 lbs of assort. fish, mostly Halibut and Salmon. A little caribou and moose we are given, 1 deer and some black bear. We buy some chicken and pork. Life is good.

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    My goal is to completely eliminate the need to buy meat from the store. That's kind of difficult being deployed, but my wife is all for the idea. More hunting time for my son and I! We raise our own chickens, the rest will come from whatever we shoot or catch. Gotta love Alaska. Since I currently have two families in my house for a total of 11.... I imagine I can shoot all I want and never completely fill the freezers. Two sizeable bulls would go away in less than a year at my place. Now to go get 'em.

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    I shot my first big game animal (a small bou) in April. Tried to save most of it till the husband came back from Iraq in August. It's almost all gone now.

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