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Thread: Getting started in the Nome/Golovin area

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    Default Getting started in the Nome/Golovin area

    Well, panning is one of those things on my list that i have always dreamed of doing, but was on the bottomside of my list...

    so, now that I have knocked off a few things on my list, i would like to start panning.

    I live east of nome in golovin. And i have a surface drive boat that can get me up the fish river, etc...

    so, just wondering if anyone is out my way or has suggestions about people, places and organizations...


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    My first question is are you native? You might think that type of question is off base, but no. I was in Elim, white teacher. I ran into this one elder everytime I was out doing something (hunting, fishing, hiking..) He would always say; "Hunt, fish, camp, hike you can do anything you want. Just don't pan for gold." I always respected his wishes as an elder.

    There is gold in the area, I have seen it. But the people around Elim do not like people panning for gold on their lands. That said, other places like Ungalik River over south of Koyuk has an old gold dredge on it and was once prospected. West of you (Council) and north have both been prospected as well as north of Koyuk. Shaktoolik River has gold once you reach the BLM land. North of you is the Silver Mine.

    So you are in a rich mineral area.

    The Gold Prospecters Association has a gold camp at Cripple River west of Nome. Tommy and Perry Massey are running it now that dad died back in 96 or so. They can teach you how to do anything for a week over there. (Beach mining, dredging, panning....) Tommy hangs around Unakaleet now and then as his wife is from there.

    If you are a teacher you might call the shop teacher over in Unakaleet.....(can't think of his name....Gary Holenbeck ???) He is a trapper and has been out with Tommy in different areas.

    I wish I had the money to spend a summer up that way with the gold dredge..........keep are in a good area.

    Wish I could tell you more!

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