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    Has anyone ever fished the Devil's Canyon north of Talkeetna? Is it worth the effort for Rainbows and Grayling? Are there easier ways into it, other than getting off the train and walking? Thanks for any help.

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    You wont be able to get into the devil's canyon, thats suicide, just ask glenn wooldridge! But just below the canyon there are a couple streams where rainbows roam...but is the 60+ mile haul worth it?? Maybe. I think the easiest way to get there would be the flagstop if it still runs...or taking a boat, walking would be a pain. Maybe look at a charter in september/october with Denali Anglers or whatnot, they got a beauiful North river with a 496 that can really move!

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    the flagstop is done for the year. just as good rainbow fishing along all the park hwy streams...and easier to get to.


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