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    For those that were interested in the bear video, here is some information. The area is along Turnagain Arm, the video was taken last week on Nov. 18th, and he hit two marten sets and a weasel box. Last year around Thanksgiving we had a bear work over a couple of marten sets. We have been trapping this area for several years now, but last year was the first time we had any trouble during trapping season. I'm using the cameras to see how animals approach and behave around sets and then hopefully get some catch video.


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    Wierd..when the video loaded, there was an advertisement to the left of it stating "If you're against cfruelty to Animals - Donate...and it showed a blackie that got into some traps and has a set ring thru his

    Think your PB account has been tagged, lol.
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    ...great video !

    -I liked how the bear jumped back when the conibear sprung-


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