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Thread: Herter's Gun Rust-Proofer Question

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    Way back in the 60's and 70's Herters had a rustproofing product for guns called "Proteger". It was a liquid in a small brown glass bottle, and was simply wiped onto the barrel and metal parts of a gun, and protected against rust for prolonged periods of time. I liked it because, among other qualities, it would, after a half-hour or so, "set up" and get semi-hard as it dried, unlike other "rust-proofers" on the market. Therefore, it was somewhat harder to rub off with normal use, consequently an application lasted quite a long time...IE: it had great "staying" qualities. didn't stay can't buy it anymore.

    Q: Is there somewhere I get some of the original product?

    Q: Anyone know what the additive is that made it "harden up" as it dried? (wondering if I can add something to make currently available rust-proofers do the same)

    Q: there some currently available off-the-shelf rust proofer that does essentially the same thing?

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    If you can't find it trap die might just work for you

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    LPS3 works pretty good, waxy type finish when it dries
    I have used it in PWS on blued guns hunting

    AIH and JAckovich carry LPS products

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    Use Flitz Gun Wax. The stuff is awesome and has the same qualities as you described.

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    I have use Johsnton Floor Wax as well, works good and is cheap


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