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    I recently acquired some old ammunition in both 257 Roberts and 219 Zipper. The boxes are any where from good to rough condition. Some are handloads and some are factory cartridges. The brands range from "Western Super-X Lubaloy", "Kleanbore Remington UMC Hi-Speed", "Remington Kleanbore Express", "Winchester Superspeed" and a bunch of Random Brass in the aformentioned calibers. There are also some bullets from Sierra and Hornady which the lead tips are corroded. I am estimating that these cartridges were manufactured anywhere from 1940 through 1960. I have the same rifles for which this ammo was shot through.

    Would it be safe to shoot the old factory ammunition and reload using the old brass and bullets? What would the value of these cartridges and their boxes be?

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    Default Value and shootability

    Orginal full boxes of factory cartridges in very good condition have some collector value but in general don't bring much more than new factory ammo. The .219 Zipper stuff would probably be worth somewhat more than the .257 Roberts if they are of the same vintage.

    Mixed headstamps, and reloads are generally worth only the components in them at best unless you feel safe shooting them.

    If you want to shoot the reloads pull a few of the bullets and check the powder for deteriration - pour some out of the cartridges and make sure it still smell good - not acidic - and is not clumping.
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