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    Default Interior work

    Preparing to buy some wood for the interior of the cabin, oddly enough I can get T&G pine at Lowes for about the same price as I've found T&G birch (3/8"). As to the floor I was considering Bamboo. For the bathroom I was thinking T&G Cedar. But as I think of these mixtures I wonder if mixing wood and color will look like a shack rather than a cabin. Anyone seen walls with pine, ceiling in birch and yet another wood type for the floor? Imagine it all comes down to color, but looking for some opinions and experiences of others before I start to buy things.

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    I knew a guy once that had a sawmill, and he did the walls in his living room out of differant woods.

    One was birch, one was popular, and one was spruce.

    It was a work of art, and looked nice on top of it all.

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    A little contrast can add a lot; putting the same wood on everything is a little blah, IMO. A remodel I did last winter had white maple cabinets and Brazilian cherry flooring, and it's stunning.


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