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Thread: inflatable vests

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    Default inflatable vests

    I need some advice on inflatable life vests.
    #1 a good brand
    #2 when activated, can you replace the co2 cartridge only or do you need to buy a seperate rearming kit.
    #3 are they comfortable.

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    Angry stearns yes mustang no

    I have 2 inflateables 1 stearns and 1 mustang. I suggest to buy a stearns if your gonna. The mustang vests are made in canada and their estaimated time to receive it was horrible. I ordered it in I believe may and was told it would be here by the middle of june. Try August before they finally shipped it from their factory in canada then it took another 3 weeks to get to me here in Ak.
    Both require specific rearming kits for each vest, a co2 cartrage might work but might over inlate/underinflate,
    But YES they are very comfortable, you'll find them very easy to wear
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