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Thread: Cleanin' my bear rug...

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    Default Cleanin' my bear rug...

    So my booner continues to lie flat on the basement floor...but not for long!!

    No, not in my house, but my buddy has graciously accepted to hang it in his house. The rug has some sawdust (from someone working down there ) and just needs a good cleaning.

    I've been told to get a metal comb and with a vacuum, brush the hair backwards and suck the crap off the fur, and then comb the hair back down flat. My initial thoughts were that a vacuum would have too much suction and might damage the hide some, but with a slotted attachment on a hose (yeah, thats right, I'm not going to vacuum my bear rug like my carpet) it might be be mild enough....

    Anyone else have a better method? Pretty sure this would work, just looking for ideas...(or idears if your from 'back east')

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    Default vacuum

    if you use a round attachment it actually has less forcefull vacuum...and should not damage the hide....i wouldnt linger too long on the felt however.....if you wanted to you could cover the face with a bag and spray lemon pledge on the bear and rub it in after you suck out the junk...this will give the hair a nice shiney can spray a little of the pledge on a paper towel and wipe the face area as well being careful not to mess up the paint of the nose mouth or can then use a dog brush or similar brush to get the hair to lay correctly..
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    Default bear mounts/rugs

    I assume that this is a recent mount in good condition, right? I have vacuumed them using an attachment from a household vac without issues. I have even laid them out on the deck and used an electric leaf blower. It works well. Your bears fur has a "memory". After cleaning, grab a hold of a paw and send a "wave" down the leg into the body. Repeat this along each leg and the hairs will align the way that nature intended them to.
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    well kyle with currently 4 hanging here and more on the way....

    i just give them a good brushing. with a soft brush.. nothing that will PULL the hair.. though it should be solid. the pelts i just give a good shaking and they clean off well... a curtain attachement... on the vacuum with clean it well also...

    not sure about the pledge... sharks mentions have never tried.

    we did have one got sooted up real bad one year from being to near the wood stove my ex sent it out for a professional cleaning.. i will ask who and where if she remembers...
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    I use an air compressor to clean mine as per my taxidermist recommendation. I then spray on a small amount of fur dressing that I bought from my vet for my dogs, gives it a nice sheen and pleasant smell without residue.



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