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Thread: July Fishing near Homer Seward

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    Default July Fishing near Homer Seward

    I am going to be in Alaska over the 4th this year bumming around with my wife. I would like to try some river fishing for salmon. Any ideas?

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    Small rivers will be done for kings by then ... your two options will be Kenai and Kasilof. The former fishes fine from the bank early, but not during that timeframe (for kings anyhow, you'll have some reds around) ... the latter pretty much is waste for bank fishing unless you have some fairly intimate knowledge of where & how

    Russian would also be an option for reds ... but it's certainly not everyone's cup of tea! Good luck!

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    IMO the fourth is kinda in between runs. A little earlier or later would be better. There will still be some Kings in the valley rivers but there will be some that are turning color as well. I would suggest maybe a dropoff trip on the Talkeetna for Kings. There will still be some nice ones then. There are a couple of businesses that do dropoffs there.

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    Smile A few options

    Take a look at this Peak Fish Runs Timing chart and you will see that the Russian, Kenia, and Kasilof will have Red Salmon at that time of year.
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