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Thread: Back to work on the diesel surface drive

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    Default Back to work on the diesel surface drive

    Check here to get the history.

    It just wasn't fast enough on my big boat.
    I couldn't get the prop to surface with the CVT so I parked it while I thought about it for a year. I've removed the CVT and installed stock GoDevil sprockets and belt with a 1.5 to 1 ratio. with the engine tach at 900 rpm my prop tach reads 600 rpm. This will give me a little more torque at the prop than the 1.4 to 1 ratio they use on the 35 SD. The toughest part is getting the motor output shaft and the prop input shaft parallel and aligned. I think I've got that licked and now I have to be patient until spring. I hope breakup comes early this year. The little Kubota purrs like a kitten. I ran it up to 3400 rpm last night. It's surprisingly smooth and quiet. The books say it will burn under one gallon per hour at 3400.
    So many rivers, so little time.

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    Glad to hear an update as I have been wandering how this turned out. Hope to hear good results.

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    It is winter here,the whether is so cold and the and has been snowed for months!

    I love snow!

    Hope you can enjoy snow in the winter!


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