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Thread: Athens Archery

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    Default Athens Archery

    New bow company is producing awesome bows. I bought one without ever shooting it, and promptly started selling some of my other bows. I was fortunately accepted to the field staff, so I have another. Smooth, fast, quiet, good looking.

    I frequent both Backcountry and the Archer's Den (or will again when Paul reopens) as well as Rabbit Creek (not so much in winter) so would love to get this bow in your hands.

    Athens also offers a $200 discount to active or retired military, police, fire, and EMS. Recommend you check them out.

    If you would like to shoot one, PM me and we can try to meet at one of the ranges.

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    Default Donate

    You should donate one to the ABA for annual banquet, that would be the easiest way to get some people to see them


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