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    Anyone have any good ideas or tips for a generator shed? Once we got utility power to our place, I rigged down the Kubota generator, inverter and battery bank. I was thinking of selling it all but given the gas situation in the Inlet now, I am thinking having an alternative source of power and the ability to heat with wood might be a real good idea in a couple of years.

    To get my generator back on line, I need to build a shed for it. I am thinking of something on the order of 5' wide by 3' deep and probably 4' tall with swing open doors on the front and a slant roof. I will need to figure out a way for the metal exhaust hose to exit without running the risk of burning it down. Any overall thoughts or ideas?

    I will also need to wire everything back up. The transfer switch is already installed but I will probably hire an electrician to connect the generator in and to re-install the inverter. Anyone out there with the necessary skills that would like to help out? If so, please PM me.

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    Wouldn't a simple metal plate in the wall to run the exhaust tube work?
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    Some things to keep in mind. You need enough room to work around the unit, or access doors on all four sides. The end of the generator I though I would never need access to, turned out to be where the "poles" were for "Re-Exciting" the unit. Need access to oil filter, drain plug, fuel filters, coolant drain, etc.. You might also think of a larger fuel tank mounted above the unit on the second floor of the 5'X7' generator building. I have never found myself saying, "man I sure built that building way too big."


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