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Thread: Cabela's Manual Grinders

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    Default Cabela's Manual Grinders

    Does anyone have any experience with Cabela's manual grinders? If so, good product? Any other manual grinders out there you'd recommend?


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    I have a #32 grinder. Have had it for 10 years or so and have put a lot of meat through it (well over 500 lbs - all of which was double ground). Still works as good as the day I bought it. Good product. Not as fast as the bigger electric grinders, but I got it pretty cheap and each year my cost / lb of burger gets lower and lower!

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    Default Another option

    We have been using the Kithen Aide mixer (350 watt I believe) with the grinder attachment for over 10 years now. Works adequately for small volume.
    Looking to upgrade to the Cabelas 1HP sometime though and have a dedicated machine as the Kitchen Aide works, but is not the fastest. However, it's alot better than hand grinding!
    They also make a sausage stuffer attachment FYI that is decent.

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    I use a 1 horse electric grinder. I put about 1000lbs through it every season and haven't had a problem. I guess it depends on what you want to use one for. I make sausage and burger for alot of people and it works great. If you plan on making sausage I HIGHLY recommend getting a verticle stuffer. The time that it will save you pays for itself in almost one use.

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    Post good to go/read the cabelas "reviews" on there web site

    i have one ,there older 3/4 horse#22 head( much the same as 1hp now )been running meast thur it since early 90's ..when i got sick of giving money away to some cutter & thinking i had turned more meat in than ..this/i can make better sausage etc... works fine go with the biggest one u can aford..u will save time ...and wear a tear on u ...u will NOT HAVE to cut the chunks of meat up to get them down the "neck" and it is better to grind your meat COLD ETC . stuffer...go rite to the big one 11lber no way!..20...nope, 30lb is the way to go BATCHES OF SAUSAGE comes in around 10 or 25 lbs recipes..(or so) remember it sayz lbs of meat in the stuffer....go with the 30 and u will only have to fill 2 too 3 times to run a "'batch thur her".. i got the moter on mine as are "growed up/gone and I dont want to crank it


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