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Thread: Deshka Landing Trails Report 11/18/09

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    Trails Report
    Please make good decisions based off of your experience and knowledge. Conditions change by the minutes and hours, so please use this information as another resource to help you plan your outing safely. Your safety is ultimately your responsibility. This information is for recreational use. This report should not be used to substitute for your own knowledge and decision making ability. The DLOA LLC and those submitting the information will not be held responsible for any losses, damage, or personal injury that may occur while using this information.



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    Lows this week have been in the low -20's to start the mornings, then rising to around 0.
    Weather History

    Snow Depth At Landing Parking Lot:

    7" on 11/11

    Trail Conditions:

    11/18 There are definitely some open water and soft spots out there, but those that are experienced should be able to navigate. Heading south out of the launch there is open water about 200 yards down. Rolly Creek is frozen up, however getting to Rolly Creek may be a challenging ride with the large ruts left in the swamp by the moose buggies. Once we get some more snow and Bill L. does his magic the trails through the Willow swamps will greatly improve. The Su from the mouth of the Yentna to Luce's is in good shape. There are holes out on the Yentna, but you are able to get around them. Kroto Slough is frozen over. Most of the Su and Yentna are now frozen over. There will be some ice jumbles out there that won't get smoothed out until we get some more snow. Larry H. made it down to the Deshka, but he hit a few wet spots.

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    Thanks for the post, keep us informed if you would.

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    Larry H. just let me know the lead on the west side of the Su opened up to the north and the south of the launch. This makes it impossible to get very far due to the open water along the east side of the river that is 200 yards down from the launch. If you are looking to go out you will have to go out through Rolly Creek or Big Lake. Ice jumbles will make it a tough go out there.
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