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    Default mystery tracks

    I came across these tracks today while making some new marten sets and was wondering if someone could help me identify them. They have been snowed on so I couldn't tell what the pad imprint looked like but I thought the pattern was different from any type of fox or coyote. They were about 3-4 inches in size, you can see how it sort of "lopes" with the four feet and it was on a frozen creek and only about 3 miles or so from the trailhead. Any Ideas?
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    Default wolverine

    ...but the pic doesnt show any other disturbance but belly or tail marks.
    Just a guess, interesting though.

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    Default Wolverine

    Looks like wolverine to me too. It's a little hard to tell without a good reference, but I'd say wolverine.

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    Default BTW...where is that?

    Just kidding. I like all the other tracks in the photo. Looks like you found a nice little pocket.

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    I know how to definitively answer the question! Make a set and see what you catch.
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