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Thread: hey! anybody out there commercial fish Bristol Bay?

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    Cool hey! anybody out there commercial fish Bristol Bay?

    any hardcore fishers out there tryin to rack up the pounds for salmon or halibut? i fish here in kalukak or togiak bay. salmon and halibut. you have any cool or funny stories to tell? how long your skates are? or anything just fun to share with the fisherman?

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    Don't fish Bristol, but when you hear the branch river counts on the announcement, that's data I collected

    Wish I still fished, I miss it a lot
    I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.

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    Default Former BB fisherman

    I fished the Igushik section of the Nushagak district as a setnetter for 20+ years. Most seasons were wet and cold. Lotsa stories, but not that many fun ones. Some near death experiences.

    I broke both my wrists in two separate incidents and have problems with them so can't pick fish anymore. My son now has the permit and cabin. The only fishing I do now is for fun and the freezer.

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    Default yup

    yeah, i fished togiak bay for a few years. heck, i live by it. literally, when i look out my window, togiak bay is right there, 40 feet from my house. i love fishing. but when peak season comes, the ghost fish really piss me off. i remember this one guy that lives here had a really hard time taking this one fish out of the net. the red fish (its called sayak in yup'ik) was so tangled in the net. he tried and tried until he got so pissed off, he threw the fish on the deck, it made a loud thump, and kicked it like a football and the fish came flying out of the net like nothing. he kicked it and it flew right into the brailer bin with the other reds. funny.


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