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Thread: Apex Anvil question

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    Default Apex Anvil question

    I just got my vise today and love it but have a question. What is the sping for that is in back of the jaws for? it does not hold any thing.

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    Default spring

    I am pretty sure that it is for holding materials while you tie. After I tie in a piece of hackle, I place the other end in the spring while I dub the body of the fly.

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    That is exactly what it's for...

    Like say tying a wolly bugger, you'd tie in the tail, then the hackle then the chenille....that hackle can flop and be a pain. So you slip it in spring, wrap the chenille, then with no effort at all pull the hackle out of the spring and palmer your hackle.

    You can also use it to hold thread if you're tying flies that take two bobbins.

    Or if it gets in your way, take it off...but I wouldnt get rid of it. As you gain experience you'll learn the value of it rather quickly. One of those when you need it you wish you wouldnt have gottn rid of it and will be looking for a replacement quick kinda deals .

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    Yup,Yup...Once you get used to it, you won't even realize how much you depend on it until you tie with another vise without one; Just like the rotary function; I got by without it for years, but now I feel like I'm tying one-handed when I'm on a vise that doesn't have one.

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    When I got my first vice, with all the wisdom of a 6-year old, I though to myself "what is this spring thing?" and then immediately threw it away.

    Year's later I realized how much extra work I had been making for myself. I use it all the time.
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