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Thread: SE Deer/Winterkill

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    Unhappy SE Deer/Winterkill

    Here's an interesting article from the Juneau Empire today. F&G is encouraging the taking of bucks and fawns, and the article suggests they are expecting a high winterkill (no surprise after the all the snow). The article mentions that they might make changes to the regs next year if they find significant winter mortality too. I really hope it doesn't come to that.

    I took the skiff out today and ran a stretch on Admiralty. I only saw one on the beach though. There were boats roaring by every five minutes, so I strapped on my snowshoes and went into the woods. I saw a lot of sign from the beach to about the 300 foot level. I did get one that was bedded down in the woods on the edge of a meadow, it was a short drag back to the beach.

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    My brother was telling me that his friend in Petersburg is already noticing dead deer on the beach. It seems a little early for that, but it's what the guy saw. He also indicated that most of the seaweed has already been eaten, as their regular early winter food supplies are covered up. If there isn't a big meltdown soon, it could be a catastrophic winter for SE deer. Those with hunts planned for next fall might want to consider Kodiak instead.


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    A big meltdown has happened hopefully things work out.
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    They had a picture of my brother processing three of my deer on the same page as the articles. He was butchering on his porch on star hill when they came by and took his picture. Better there than on the boat as they did years back and all the greenies nose got out of joint as there was a lot more deer hanging as all of our deer where shown at once.

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    Default Goldbelt

    Goldbelt, didn't you take any pictures for us? I saw your other post and was jealous of you guys out there in the peak of the snow storm. The last deer I got still had some fat, and a full stomach but you could tell it was all low-quality food (i.e kelp and seaweed). The snow may be melting in town, but it was still hip-deep in the woods yesterday...

    I think I know the boats in your group (Star of the Sea, Christian etc?). I remember when that other article came out in the paper a few years back too.

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    You got the boats right. I have to get off my duff and get the pictures posted. I've been busy playing catch up with family and job.


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