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Thread: Idea for better insulating of dryer venter?

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    Default Idea for better insulating of dryer venter?

    Now its getting cold I'm reminded that the summer projects haven't been completed. I need to figure out a way to stop losing so much heat from the laundry room. Any ideas for better insulation? I was thinking some sort of door or latch that pulled up the insulation when the dryer is in use.

    What does everyone else do?

    I've seen a couple of these on other houses in the area. Are they any good?


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    I believe there are three of those in use on my mother's house. They have a cup-like floater inside that sits on the open end of the vent tube. It floats up when a fan or dryer is in use and gravity drops it down when not in use. I've never noticed any drafts from them. At first I was concerned about dryer lint gumming things up, but after about 9 years I just happened to pop the top last week and it was still sealing. The vents that have a vertical flapper that stays closed with a magnet used to be the norm, but I've had and seen a lot of them stuck open from lint or frost.

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    I have two of those installed on my house. They work as advertised, no complaints. I don't know if they work any better than the traditional flapper type though.


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