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    Audible High Temperature Alarm
    I installed this temperature switch,
    2= (1/2" probe) -
    1= ( 1/4" NPT) -
    A= (SPST-NO), {single pole single throw normally open, this means that the circuit connection is open until the temperature gets to XXX when it closed and completes the circuit}
    210= (210 degrees f) so the above portion is this XXX, thermostat is 180
    R= ( Rising, the switch is prepared to close on a rising setting)
    W = 6" wire pig tails

    You just connect one side of a back up 12v horn type small alarm to the negative and one side to this switch, the other wire on this switch you connect to a 12v power supply. When the water temperature of where you inserted the 1/4" NPT probe reaches 210 the alarm sounds. I did it so I had something beside a temperature gauge on the dash to only watch. A person could also add a warning light to the dash too.
    Simple easy and cheap $24 for the switch horn $15, piece of mind priceless
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