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Thread: Alaska West Air?

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    Default Alaska West Air?

    anybody go through Alaska west air on one of there float hunt trips? Just wondering if they were good to work with and if you were happy with the outcome of the hunt (got animals or at least had a chance) Thanks for any help.

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    Default Ak west air

    I've used them quite a few times. They are excellent. I don't even call anyone else unless I'm heading way up North. FYI, I have used several other air taxis and AWA is the best in my book.

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    I have known them for 13 years, have countless friends that have used them for fishing and hunting, they are very good. They run a safe opperation and have the experience to get you in the area and situation you are looking for. Just communicate your expectations and ask questions and they will take good care of you. If you want more info contact me privately and I can answer your questions or give you more info.

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    Doug and co. have great equipment and run a top notch service.

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    I checked out their webpage, I'm guessing their prices are per person?

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    Default Float hunt

    I did a hunt with them a couple years ago. They were timely and prompt on the drop off and pick ups. We did question the area we hunted but that is because the numbers of moose are down in the north of Dillingham area. PM me and I can give you more of my views. As for pricing.... It is PER person.

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    Default AWA

    I have personally used Alaska West Air. Doug Brewer is the owner and he flies also. When they are busy he does hire more pilots. Both moose/caribou hunts taken with AWA we received top notch service. One of my friends and his family went with Doug on numerous hunts and fishing trips before I did. They highly recommended him and I have been satisfied. Both of our trips consisted of two-plane trips. The first leg was a Beaver or Otter and the second leg was a Super Cub; once on tires and once on floats. Our first trip was in 2001 and we were in the bush when 9-11 hit. Doug was down for 2 days as I am sure everyone else was and our trip never missed a beat.

    On our 2003 trip "we" somehow left one piece of our gear in the storage compartment of the Otter float. We used the sat phone to call his office, they were too far away for radio contact but got word through a land line/radio and he brought the gear in late the same night.

    I would not hestiate to use him again. I believe he scouts areas. Our first trip we got caribou and should of had at least one moose-beginners mistakes. The second trip we got two moose, one wolf but did not see any caribou. Two guys both times. I have been satisfied. Not the cheapest but you know the old story. Good luck, Mark


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