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Thread: Northern Rail Extention

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    Default Northern Rail Extention

    Alaska Rail Road:

    They are having a meeting in Salcha on Tuesday December 1,
    2009 at the Salcha Elementary School and in North Pole on Wednesday December 2, 2009 at the North Pole Hotel. Both meetings will begin at 5pm, with a presentation at 6, and should run till ~ 8.

    One might wonder why I would list this in th hunting forum. For all of those who think or do hunt this portion of Unit 20 along the Alaska Range things ara about to change. Think it of it as voting if you don't vote don't complain about how things are going if you do B*(&^ Away.

    Contact Nassi Pilcher at Fairbank ADF&G if you want to be sent the comments flyer. Seems the EIS has been completed now there just talking right of way what land they plan on taking and what type of structures they will build.

    Just thought I would let you all know.

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    I believe that they are going to start on that bridge next summer.

    From what I understand that bridge will take 3 years to build.

    Let us know what you find out.

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    Default Surveyors

    Sure been a lot of surveying going on around my house. One route looks like it goes right through the property, another right in front of it. The third option goes through friends property. Can't see a winning option here.

    salcha star road


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