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Thread: 15' Duck Boat Build

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    Default 15' Duck Boat Build

    I decided a few months ago that I just havent been happy with the John boats Ive used for duck hunting in the past, so I decided to build my own. So far I have about 50hrs into the build. The boat is a 15' Duckhunter from Gator boats.
    Specs on the boat
    Length: 14'7"
    Capacity: 1100 lb
    Weight: 200 lb
    Putting a 20 hp
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    Default Day 5

    Here it is Day 5 into the build
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    Default Day 8-10

    Here are the results of Day 8-10. I deviated a little from the plans and double the knees and also did cutouts for paddles and shotguns on each side. I also decided to double the transom to 1 1/2".
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    Default Day 14

    And this is how it sits now, 14 days into the build. I got the bottom all epoxied and sprayed in some epoxy based bed liner. I also installed the switch panel, ran the wiring and added the lights.
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    Impressed! Keep us updated.

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    Did you post this up on a 4WD forum? I think I have seen these photos a couple of weeks ago.

    Since you left the rocker in the hull you will have some issues with the motor.

    Before you finish the boat turn it over and put some wedges on the bottom. Go to Toller Boatworks and review what he did to modify his original DH this last year. The wedges should be installed on top of the fiberglassed bottom.

    With the low water this last year in Jim Creek swamps you will have a hard time getting out there with an outboard. The DH works well with a mud motor, even a heavy one. If you get one that is less than 20hp you can drag the boat into Duck Lake on the flats and get in some good hunting.

    Right now while the boat is open figure out a way to reinforce the bow and mount a small ATV wench up there. It will make it easier to get in to some spots on the hay flats and other spots around the state.


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