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Thread: Mossberg 4X4

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    Default Mossberg 4X4

    Okay, I'm looking for opinions here...

    Has anyone had any experience with the Mossberg 4X4 rifle? I saw one at the D.U. banquett tonight and the compact size looks interesting.
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    Default wow

    ok ill be watching this thread as yesterday was walking through wally world
    and saw and bought one of these in 338 WM marinecoated at a lot less price tag then others just because i have wanted a shiny one to replace my S & W 338 but they sure look and feel good to me !!!!!!!! looked at ruger specs to compare when i got home looks like the name is differant ( of course )
    and then i see the Mossberg as i twist per 10 inches compared to 1 per 12 inches on the Ruger and then mossberg has a plastic mag but right now seems tight and solid
    but for 429.00 i thought worth a try

    Oh Yeah the specs mean little to me because i have always gauged my gun when i pull the trigger and something falls down

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    Default did some googling

    and alot of good reviews but as with all for every good you can find a bad
    but if it is like the shotguns i have i think it will be a good gun
    hers is the moss berg picture of the one i got

    and here is a review from shooting time on a 7 mm

    now if anyone here has one to hear from
    oh and yeah get to go shopping again i need a new scope
    all because the wife wanted a new sewing machine

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    Default Petersons Hunting

    There is an article in the Feb, March 2009 Peterson's Hunting. The guy was sheep hunting with the 4x4 in .300. He had some good things to say about the gun. Pretty sure he was hunting with Umpenhour's camp.

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    Default wow

    does this mean i am the only one who has bought one of these ??


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