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Thread: License expires....When?

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    Default License expires....When?

    I noticed that my Res hunt/trap/fish license for this year shows that the trapping portion expires Sep 30 2009 while the fishing and hunting portion expire Dec 31 2009. This was pretty annoying since I didn't see that untill after I plunked down my cash in Aug and wouldn't be needing the trapping portion untill Oct. So today I went in to S/W to pick up my new trapping tag and the girl behind the counter informed me that it is a typo and should read Sep 30 2010 and that ADF&G and the Troopers are both aware of the mistake so I am am fine to use it.

    Can anyone else confirm this?

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    your trapping is the onlyone that does not expire at the end of the year it is set to expire 09/30 of the year AFTER you bought it. could be yours is a typo.... or could be when you purchased it?
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    It is a typo, mine is the same way and I was confused so I called adfg and they confirmed that it is a typo. Your trapping license expires sep. 30th 2010,

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    Mine never expires........well, it expires when I expire, O' the few joys of being old, and it is free, forever. Plus soon I'll be able to shoot Homerdaves Kenai Caribou.......


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