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Thread: Sand Point fishing?

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    Default Sand Point fishing?

    Hello to all, I have a friend who has property & set-nets out at Sand Point in the Aleutians. Has anyone been there to sport fish and see the place? He invited me to come out during the summer but would like to get others' opinions on the area.
    Thanks, Jim

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    I commercially fished out of there for 10 or so years.

    What kind of fishing are you considering? Is your friend a "local" or seasonal (yes, it makes a huge difference on your experience there)?

    Shoot me a PM if ya like....
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    Default Halibut & Salmon

    I have been to Sand Point for work several times.

    The locals catch halibut as close as the nearest channel marker bouy in Popof Strait right near town. I imagine the halibut fishing is really good if you go out a few more miles from town..

    There are silver and pink salmon that go up the stream that runs inland from near the boat harbor to the city water reservoir.


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