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Thread: ship creek pack-out

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    Default ship creek pack-out

    headed in this a.m. I have people to help pack if things go well, but would like to have more names on a "reserve" list. I'll only shoot on Sat. leaving Sun. for footwork. will have enough bodies to keep weights very resonable. p.m. phone numbers if interested, and maybe well talk Sunday morn.

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    Default Moose Packer..

    Ready to Roll... Sent you a PM. Good luck!!

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    Default thanks to those...

    who replied. started my trek at 4:30, and hiked about 3.5 miles in. the high "head" winds and low temps started the demise of my hunt. leg cramping like I've never had finished me off. did see some lynx tracks, and found a "scratching post" from a Grizz. Never a wasted day in the woods!!!

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    Going to make another run at it?
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    I know a guy with horses if your interested.
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