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Thread: vegetables list and raised bed garden set -p-2-

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    Default vegetables list and raised bed garden set -p-2-

    i been playing with a garden company square foot gardening software and i been wouldering if i this can be done for southern alaska areas south of anchorage inbetween homer and anchorage areas ....

    here the basic sized of the rasied bed garden set up i have planed for the front yard area ..

    -x-5.ft wide-x-12.ft long-x-2.1./2,ft tall ..for makeing easly on me to get the fuits and vegs as need

    the unit has a small set down typle ledge around the unit to make easly for me to sit and harvest the items as need .

    let go left to right on the raised garden set up

    this section is-x-2.ft tall-x-5..ft wide-x-9.ft long area for the following crops
    -x-tomatoes -x-2-rows.

    then it comes to the fuits section of the bed ..

    this section is 2.ft tall-x-5.ft wide-x-.3.ft long ..

    -x-row of cantaloupes-x-3-diff typles in the one row for them -x-1 per squares section -
    -x-row of watermelons -x-2-diff typles in a section and a half of the row unit
    -x-row of strawberrys-x-1-row

    so i figure this would be the best set up for the small area tha i might have for growing the vegs in town area,..

    with the frame of the raised bed garden is going to set up also to be able to make into a hot bed typle set up so to start the vegs and fuits in may time frame add the plastic hoop kit and cover unit to make the unit a hot bed unit as need ..

    also i should be able to put away a good amount of the garden in canning for the first couple of the years the garden is going to be a little lite on the growing of my food needs ..but after a couple of years it should be produceing a good size crop after that ...

    so is it a good idea or bad idea

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    Sounds interesting Henry2.
    I am looking forward to hear how things work out for you.
    What are you goona use for walls?

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    south of the AC

    Thumbs up

    I know people doing exactly ( ok, well almost) what you are talking about and it works well. Had corn crops this year

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    hello henry, your melons down that will will have to be in a hot house..

    the summers south of Anchorage are not as favorable as those up north here.. typically cooler and wetter temps. ~65 deg...with highs to the low 70's... though it occasionally does get warmer they do have wetter seasons then us and thus more over cast days.

    our Corns and other like it will be started in April this year indoors and moved out the the green house second week of may.. then to the raised beds mem. weekend. we did not get them out soon enough this year and the stalks were to thin at the base.. and am going t try a fan on them while indoors...

    one of the members recently posted raised beds in roofing metal..

    i scored all the roofing off a 16x20 building that was being dismantled recently... all old 1950's era heavy gage should work great for the beds this year.
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    untreated lumber that i going to get this spring and make them my self for a size of 4.ft wide-x-12.ft long-x-2.1/2.ft tall for growing a raised bed typle for a small pratice garden set up as need a small greenhouse i was thinking of buying the other day when i was at local big box hardware store they had one on display for people to see. a 8.ft wide-x-12.ft long sized set up ..


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