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Thread: Video: Striker in 338 Edge

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    Default Video: Striker in 338 Edge

    Range day November 13th, 2009

    Ran-now snow-35 degress slight breeze in the face

    338 Edge
    19" 3 groove benchmark barrel
    Muscle brake (small) Generation ll -NO TOP PORTS by

    First I would like to correct myself from a previous post. Did not use my Prochrony first. Used the Pact chrony. Today I used the Prochrony and found the velocities roughly 35fps slower on the Prochrony than the Pact!

    Load 1 Nosler 200 Grain Accubond bullet Average velocity 3004 Spread 10fps .250 3 shot group

    Load 2. Nosler 225 Grain Accubond bullet Average velocity 2922 Spread 8fps .2

    Load 3. GS 180 Gr Borerider/Moly Average velocity 3092 To Much spread .5

    Overview: Holy Power Batman:

    Heaven is the only place that is better than how I felt today with my wife taping and me pulling the trigger on this incredible HAMMER! No pressure of any kind with 97 grains of H4831 driving that 225 grain Accubond.
    Personal feelings: I still haven't got over my reservations of pulling the trigger on this 8 pound finished gun. The trigger breaks clean at 3 pounds and until I change the angle on the sear it will stay where its at. Nearly a ton of energy at 500 yards!!!!

    Jim has gone elk hunting again so I won't say until I speak with him about the NO- conventional top porting. I will say that in the micro second between ignition and the gas hits the ports the gun moves one inch to the rear.

    I can not hardly sit here and type is how I feel.


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    Default Nice

    That's a nice looking hand rifle.
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