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    How many Jet Ranger owners are on here? I've got a 25(powerhead) Jet that I've been looking to put on something. They seem like a neat little boat but the $4200.00 tag is a little hard to swallow. Convince me that I need one please.


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    What the Jet Ranger gives you is a boat and motor package that is portable, can carry 2 people and a camp, or 3 people and day gear. It will carry this load on step at around 17mph average. It will do so shallow, you can run up and float down. I carry mine in my other boat and run up shallow tidal rivers that flow into mud flats. It is a specialty type boat, I also take it in my jeep and RV. If you run out of water, 2 people can drag it to deeper water and keep going. You could access some awesome rivers from Bristol Bay with a quick flight. I really enjoy mine and use it every year.

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