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Thread: custom boot maker in alaska

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    Default custom boot maker in alaska

    ok iam going to ask this question there a custom boot maker in anywhere in alaska .

    i have a problem with most boots fitting me left foot was broken in a car wreck and it healed ok but there is a area that if the boot is not fitted just right it cause a lot of discomfort on the top of the foot ..and end of a long day beening on my feet all day my dogs are barking when i get home ..iam looking for a good hunting boots for the ones i bought with me might good for the lower 48 ..but up here i think i need to take a look at a diff set of boots for hunting in winter time up here... i think the ones i have will work well with three seasons up here .. i going to have to rethink that area of useing them for hunting in winter time .. ..along with a uniform lace up duty boot for wear with uniforms ...

    i have a pair of whites smoker jumper boots that are great for every day wear for me ..they where made to order and they are worth every penny for they are like a old friend when wearing them comfortable and well broken in .. ..and with a good pair of wool socks they handleing the cold up here ok ..

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    There are no custom boot makers up here to my knowledge.

    Those White's, while great boots, will not be your friend when it drops below zero and you are outside for any real amount of time. I have worn them in the cold and they are not fun.

    For winters, most people either go with the old "bunny boots" or a modern boot with a ton of insulation. I never was a fan of the bunny boot. I found the pac boots that White's makes to be very good for winter conditions if you get the ones made for real cold weather. They have felt liner booties that you can remove and dry out at night which is nice. I have two sets of liners that I just swap out every day.

    If you have had a made to order pair from White's they should still have your information and can fit you for a proper pair of their pacs based on foot shape. I don't think they custom make them but they should be able to help you out.

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    There are several good custom Boat makers.......O' said boot maker.

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    Even my friends with White pac boots head for the bunny boots when it gets really cold.
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    Thumbs up Mukluks

    For hunting, cold and snow, you can try a pair of Mukluks. I have a pair of Stegers and they are the cat meow for cold weather hunting. As long as you walking you feet are nice and warm, and they weight nothing. I put both of mine on the bathroom scale and they weigh 1.2 lbs. They are not rigid so they should mold to your "not so good" foot nicely.

    Downsides: They have NO support, they are basically a pair of slippers. They cant handle water so if your dealing with overflow or slush they won't work. They get dirty fast.

    Bunnies are warm, and your feet are in a sauna all day, but they work.

    I had a pair of Whites and they were warm and never let me down but they were a size too big and I always felt like I had a cinder block strapped to each foot. Once I tried Mukluks I will never wear another type of winter boot in AK, I kid you not when I say its like running around in your socks. For work and standing around in the cold I shove my dogs into Bunnie boots and geterdone.

    If you do decided to try Mukluks give Steger a call they have some weird sizes, there is no way I am a 11 EEE, but that what they sent me and they fit very well.

    This is what I got:

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    thank you for the info ..i starting to feel the weather a little bit ..beening my first year up there ..i not complaining i am feel a whole better than i did ..

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    Default Northern Outfitters.

    Your first year will probably be the only year that you will plunk down chips for
    the good stuff.

    They are that good but bunny boats will do.


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    bunny boots for me... step in open water at -30 once and those are all you will ever where...

    and yes... there is such a thing. to find open water year round no matter the temp.
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