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Thread: 3 boards for under $300!

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    Default 3 boards for under $300!

    No, nothing for sale that is how much I spent getting my wife and 2 oldest boys the hardwear for their first year of snowboarding!
    I have been on a major hunt for decent boards on the cheap. I lead off w/ a lucky score last month at a local pawn shop. They had a nice 121 Burton complete w/ boots and bindings for $80. I have been scouring c/l and other pawn shops but havn't really been able to find anything else. Finally today I stopped in at Play-it-Again and they had a couple older boardes in good shape, not the gem that I got at the pawn shop but still plenty of life left in them. I jumped on a Morrow 123 that will need a little work to smooth out some scratches on the bottom but other than that it is in good shape. Then I saw an ugly orange-red Ride that was the perfect size for the wife and for what it lacked in appeal on the top it made up for on the bottom which is in nearly perfect shape! Some stickers will be in order to "dress up" the top but heck it is a first board it's supposed to be ugly! I also picked up some boots for my middle boy for 30 bucks. We ended up walking out of the shop for $215 bringing the total outlay of $$$ to $295 for boards, boots and bindings excluding boots for the wife since she already has a sweet set of Skidoo boots that are just board boots w/ a sled emblem on them.
    Now we just need some more snow and to finish getting the sled tuned up then we will be going out looking for some nice easy back country slopes for them to learn on.

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    now cut them in half!

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    Nice work LuJon. But I agree with Joe, you need to find a 170+ cm board to cut in half now.

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    Right on Lujon, hope you guys have fun learning this winter. I have been snowboarding now for 17+ years and its a great way to get out and spend time with your family


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