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Thread: Chistochina

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    Question Chistochina

    Is there a boat launch at the Chistochina overpass on the Tok Cut off? I've been through there several times and have seen the huge parking lot, but I don't recall if there's a boat launch. Thanks for any help.

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    Nope. I have eyeballed that thing for years. I have not gotten out and walked it, but do not see anything to launch a boat. Not even the airboat when we had it. Used to be a pond like thing on the Tok end on the north side that I thought might be able to launch the airboat and skip into a channel, but that has since silted in and changed. And no I don't hunt there and am not saying this to keep people out. Just passing on what I've observed since I had the same idea as you. Would have been nice if they did put one in when doing the bridges a while back! Of course the chisto native corp is complaining about the large pullout and restrooms being out of the new highway corridor and claiming them to be on their land now Even though it is in the middle of the old highway bed! Oh well.


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