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Thread: Ruger Redhawk Advice

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    Default Ruger Redhawk Advice

    I have Ruger Redhawk Alaskan, and I am looking for some accessories:

    1. Speedloaders? Is the HKS 255 for .45 LC my only option? Reports says it works fine for .454 Casull. Anybody with first hand experience.

    2. Ghost ring sight? Recommendation make & model?


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    Default add ons and stuff....

    I don't see why the speedloader wouldn't work for .454 and .45LC as the only real difference is case length. I don't think there are any rim diameter differences. I mic'ed two fired cases (one each caliber) and they measured within .003 inches.
    As for ghost rings I have a few rifles with ghost rings... They are great as are any aperture sight. I may check them out for my SRH .454, but the way mine shoots at 25 yards with factory sights...... well.......

    dos vedonya y'all......


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    Default Thanks

    for the advice and the time you took to micrometer out the casings.

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    I'm really fond of the V-notch rear/gold bead front sight combo on the Redhawk. The little white line on the rear makes for really precise aiming when you set the fine gold bead on top of it.

    Can't help with the speed loader.


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