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    Default Engine blew up

    if an engine blows up from the bottom of the crankcase, (07 dragon 700) does that mess up the pistons, cylanders, cranksaft, rings or anything i should know of?

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    Default A little confused...

    The crankshaft is in the crankcase... If you say it "blew" on the bottom, the crank is most likely shot. Did it seize up or break?

    I have seen cranks that broke and did not cause damage to the top half.

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    I don't recall every seeing an engine that blew chunks out the crank case that was salvagable at all. Usually its a rod that goes through the crankcase wall...which also mangles everything else. I've seen lots of broken cranks that did little more than need a new crank.
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    Tear it down and find out you need to diassemble the top end to inspect the crank anyways. But as stated earlier you will more than likly find top end damage but maybe only on one side.

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    yeah, the dragons my buddy's sled and i love to fix stuff and i want to learn as much as i can about fixing vehicles. like most of my family says, if you want to ride it, you gotta learn to fix it inside and out. i''ll look at it more and figure out what needs to be replaced.

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    If you need any help send me pm and I'll walk you thur your frist motor rebuild..

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    thats funny it was a dragon, i know of a few dragons (800's) that blew up last year i don't know what polaris' deal with those engines are but they seem to be on the bad side of crap.

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    Default no kidding

    hahaha, maybe its just that most of the people (im not saying all) think they have the baddest ride and forget to maintain it well and focus more on riding it fast and aggressive.

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    I blew out the crankcase on my Polaris (Fuji) 488 Fan cooled. I put a rod through the crankcase. I got a new crankcase, crank, and pistons on Ebay, $250, shipped to Fairbanks. The top end looks OK. My son is putting it together in highschool engine shop.

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    haha... now the dragon is mine... now i really have to focus on rebuilding it... i think the reason it blew up was becouse the previous owner mixed castrol with ves ll. i gotta disassemble it and see what i need to replace. got any good ideas on where to get parts?


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